Discover how we can help your business grow

 Setup The Foundation

We'll consult with you to help determine the best structure for your company so it meets your personal and business goals. We will show you the benefits of the different accounting software which are available to you.

Get you started with the basics such as:

  • Tax Rates
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Bill Pay
  • Bank Reconciliation

Learn to Walk the Talk

Now your business is starting to come together it's time for Accounting Software Training. We will train with two modules by not just walking you through the steps but we'll make sure you understand why you’re taking those steps.

Module 1

• Sales Invoices
• Sales Tax

Module 2

• Bill Pay
• Payroll

We review your books weekly, quarterly or annually to ensure the software is working properly and that your business is on track.

Let Hard Work Pay Off

The scary part of getting everything going is over now so you can focus on how you’re going to save some of that hard earned money with Tax Return Preparation, Planning and Projection.

  • Tax Projection
  • Tax Planning
  • State Compliance
  • Federal Compliance

The average business pays 25% - 30% in taxes annually.

Failure to plan can result in a drastic tax consequence at the end of the year. You do not want to be this person!


For consultation, please send me an email anytime. I will be happy to meet you and create a proposal tailored to your specific needs.

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